about me

from Bordeaux who came to live in the City of Lights, Paris

My name is Loane Rogliardo (but you already know that).
I am originally from the South West of France,
I have always lived near the ocean, so I know its dangers, but also its great beauty.
The Ocean inspires me for many of my projects, sometimes in a very direct way, other times in a very subtle way.


Transporation and eco-mobility design

After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts and Design, I went directly to a higher school.

 Since transportation and mobility design is not a passion for me, I took on the challenge of succeeding in this field.
The fact that it is a complex, futuristic field of design attracts me a lot. I like challenges.

Thanks to my perseverance, I won the Young Designer Award by BMW 2020, with the subject « ENCAPSULATED EXPERIENCE ».

A creative adult is a child who has survived.

Ursula K. le guin


smiling, cheerful, but of character

I like traveling, discovering new cultures, and new landscapes.
I love learning new things because as they say « traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer ».
Woman of character, my goal in life is to create my own luxury transport design company and be totally independent.
I like to laugh and party, but I am also a very focused and ambitious person.